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”We work towards better health gain by making super-effective clinical health promotion programmes. Our research focus is on evidence-based health promotion aimed at patients, staff and community.”

- Professor Hanne Tønnesen, Research Leader, Clinical Health Promotion Centre 

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Clinical Health Promotion is a rather new research field to be developed on the evidence-based platform. Therefore we initiate and perform research, develop models for implementation and follow-up for effect in many settings.


We use research designs to create the top level of evidence (randomised clinical trials) within Health Promotion related to smoking, alcohol, physical activity, diet and nutrition, patient safety and risk reduction among surgical patients, chronic care patients, and patients suffering from mental illness. Further, qualitative methodology is added to evaluate the patient preferences and staff competences.

  • Development and evaluation of international models for implementation and documentation of effect of Health Promotion in clinical settings at hospitals, primary care and community - and monitoration of effect.

  • Research programs for staff, including clinical research methodology and courses in Gold Standard Programs for smoking and alcohol cessation intervention in relation to surgery (Smoke free and alcohol free operation). Courses also include research on physical activity and effect of training sessions as well as evaluation of teaching and training.


The impact of well-performed high quality studies in the field of hospital and health service health promotion is tremendous, both directly and indirectly.


The direct impact targets large patient groups, their relatives and the staff as well as society as a whole.

Indirectly, these studies are used as clear examples of the effect of Health Promotion programs, and they add to the knowledge of how to elevate Health Promotion to the evidence platform. The results of such research further fulfills a function as an eye-opener for politicians and others working in the field.

Our research projects are evaluated and approved by the Regional Scientific Ethical Committees and the Danish Data Protection Agency before they commence, and results are published in high-impact scientific journals, characterised by serious peer-review processes.


For further information on our research and publications, please contact Research Coordinator, Rie Raffing, at

For a an overview of all our research, please refer to our comprehensive list of publications and ongoing projects.

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