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WHO Collaborating Centre for evidence-based clinical health promotion

The work in the WHO Collaborating Centre for evidence-based clinical health promotion (from here on referred to as WHO CC) follows the principles of WHO regarding Health Promotion (HP). The Centre aims at basing Health Promotion on the evidence platform in the same way as any other clinical interventions - according to its Terms of Reference with the WHO.

The WHO CC relates to the work of WHO and of other WHO CCs by collaborating closely with all regional offices.


  • Supports WHO’s efforts towards implementation of HP strategies aimed at patients, staff and community.

  • Supports the development, implementation and follow up of HP strategies, standards for quality management of HP, documentation and registration of clinical HP and related reimbursement, clinical guidelines, education programs and research.

  • Provides clinical health services research regarding models covering all patients for systematic documentation, registration and monitoring of HP activities thus reaching out to the otherwise unreachable and reducing inequity in health.

  • Has documentary output including scientific papers, text books and reports, interactive website and facilities, list of teaching activities, publications, evaluations including a public clinical quality database on the effect of smoking cessation, annual progress reports, direct evaluation of teaching and training as well as fulfilment of regional research goals.

  • Creates new evidence and facilitates exchange of knowledge and dissemination of evidence-based HP and best practice for patients, staff and community.

  • Performs pre- and postgraduate teaching and training in evidence-based HP.

All the above mentioned points facilitate implementation and access to Health Promotion, as well as disease prevention and rehabilitation, which are fundamental means to achieve equity in health. The focus areas include: Tobacco, Alcohol/Drugs, Physical Activity, Diet & Nutrition and Comorbidity.

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